Dancing with the Stars: Week 4 Performances

This week, our stars get spicy as each couple is asked to perform either the tango or the rumba – and it’s “double score showdown” week. Each dance now gets two, count ‘em, TWO scores: one for technical and one for artistic merit. Whoops, my bad, that’s figure skating. On DWTS, the two scores are for “technique” and “performance.” Does double the scores mean double the trouble? Let’s find out!

The show started with the judges sitting down and talking about what they want to see from each contestant. What is this, the results show? Let’s get to the dancing!

Each dance must contain certain elements, and before we get to see the stars strut their stuff, pros-but-not-contestants Anna Demedova and Jonathan Roberts took to the floor to show everyone what a “proper tango” is.

Erin and MaksTango: Last week, Len challenged Erin to work on her footwork. Somehow, she managed to hurt her back in rehearsals but chose to power through. If she was in pain, it didn’t really show. This was a solid performance that showed a lot of improvement. Erin still has some issues with her arms and is occasionally awkward, but I still think she’s a great competitor. For once, Len didn’t have a problem with the “messing about” at the beginning and said she needs to dance more into her heels. Bruno said she lost her performance halfway through, and Carrie Ann said the technique got the best of her. Technical Scores: 6-6-6. Performance Scores: 7-7-7.

Evan and AnnaTango: To recap: Evan is currently dancing on two broken toes. And man, Anna did not go easy on him. Their rehearsals looked intense, and the hard work showed in their performance. Evan really embraced the emotion of the tango and turned in a near flawless performance. What broken toes? Bruno called it “strong, powerful, with a hint of catlike arrogance.” Carrie Ann said it was a perfect blend of artistry and technique, and Len said they nailed it. Technical Scores: 9-8-9. Performance Scores: 9-8-9.

Break! Time to dissect what makes a good rumba, courtesy of our judges. And then, performing a sultry routine, hello there Dmitry and Kym (seriously Kym, where have you been?) Also, Kym is in her underwear. And obviously she looks fantastic, but really? I get that it’s “passion night” (Tom’s words, not mine) but it’s not even 9 PM yet. Think of the children! Moving on …

Niecy and LouisRumba: The rumba is a sexy dance, and Louis suggests they dedicate the routine to … Niecy’s brother. *crickets* Putting that aside, the dance was ….okay. The steps were there, but nothing was really sharp enough, or then it would be too sharp, but it was never quite right. And I like Niecy, I do, but she’s in danger of getting lost in this very sparkly cast of stars. Len said it was boring, Bruno said the dance never gelled, and Carrie Ann said the emotion didn’t read well in the performance. Technical Scores: 6-6-6. Performance Scores: 6-6-6.

Aiden and EdytaRumba: As this season’s token soap star, this week was the requisite “perform at a soap convention” rehearsal. This time around, Aiden and Edyta performed on a ship and a fan stole his shirt. Speaking of missing clothes, I think the wardrobe department ran out of fabric and torn off some strips of aluminum foil to strategically glue onto Edyta. Edyta, we get it: you’re hot. Now go put some clothes on before you have a serious wardrobe malfunction. And Aiden … eesh. This was not good. Just … eesh. Carrie Ann said his movement is initiating from his shoulders instead of from his hips, Len said there was no flow to the dance, and Bruno said it was like watching stop-motion animation. Technical Scores: 5-5-5. Performance Scores: 6-6-6.

Nicole and DerekRumba: Nicole was giggling during the beginning of this routine, so I was worried the dance would fall apart, but they pulled out a solid performance. It definitely wasn’t their best, but Nicole hit some beautiful lines. While I’m sure Nicole will be disappointed with herself, I don’t think they’ll be in danger of going home. Bruno said she was hesitant and stumbled, Carrie Ann said could see the nerves, and Len said they had a good balance of technique and performance. Technical Scores: 9-8-8. Performance Scores: 8-8-9.

Jake and ChelsieTango: Jake had a moment of clarity and decided that he should trust Chelsie’s expertise. And it seems to have paid off – imagine that! Extra props for the nice spinning footwork up and down the stairs, but Jake slipped and rolled over his ankle towards the end of the routine. It wasn’t his best dance, and I think they could be in trouble because they’re dangerously mediocre. Len said he really attacked the dance, Bruno said their dancing was messy, and Carrie Ann said Jake and Chelsie aren’t connecting with each other. Technical Scores: 6-7-6. Performance Scores: 7-6-6.

Kate and TonyTango: You guys, Kate’s life is hard. Her life is on the news. There is stuff going on. And other people on this show know how to dance. Whiiiiiiiiine. On the plus side, Tony didn’t quit this week. And that’s about it for the pluses. Seriously, I’m not a Kate fan for lots of reasons, but let’s get real: she’s not a good dancer. The end. It’s time, America. Free Tony. Bruno called it a mini-breakthrough (crazy Italian man say what?), Carrie Ann said she respects Kate’s determination but called out some lifts, and Len praised Tony for coaching Kate to her best dance so far. Really judges? Were we watching the same dance? Technical Scores: 4-5-5. Performance: 6-6-6.

Chad and CherylRumba: In rehearsals, Chad struggles with being gentle and restrained. And for a guy with a reputation for being a ladies’ man, it didn’t translate to a great rumba. His dancing was awkward at times, but he’s steadily improving from week to week. Carrie Ann and Len said it was his best dance, and Bruno praised his hips and his fluidity. Technical Scores: 7-6-8. Performance Scores: 8-7-8.

Pam and DamianRumba: Len challenged Pam to keep her rumba refined, and she did, but the dance was kind of blah. There were some nice moments, but I kept thinking of what Len said to Niecy earlier – there were no highlights in the dance. Len said it was understated and sophisticated, Bruno said it was her best dance technically, and Carrie Ann said it was magical. Technical Scores: 7-8-8. Performance Scores: 8-7-9.

 Who do you think will be sent home? She’s at the bottom of the leaderboard, but will Kate survive another week?

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