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Bus strikes and kills 10 year old boy at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness

Very tragic news coming from Walt Disney World resort today as a guest was struck and killed by a Disney bus near the Fort Wilderness resort entrance. A nine ten year old was riding his bike with an 11 year old friend when he was hit and killed this afternoon. Overhead views show a sidewalk next to the road, but it’s not clear how the accident happened. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating.

No family comes to a world class resort destination like Walt Disney World and expects their child to get injured or killed and yet with hundreds of thousands of people moving around the resort every day in their cars, on bikes, on foot, and in Disney’s bus and monorail transportation system, accidents are bound to happen.

There is probably more to be said as details come in, but for now let’s all spare a few moments of thought for the people on the bus and the family of the child involved.

Update 10pm: It appears now that this was just a very tragic accident that resulted from a child riding too close to a large Disney bus. Lots more coverage by the talented team at the Orlando Sentinel.

8 thoughts on “Bus strikes and kills 10 year old boy at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness”

  1. Good point ~ Put aside any negative thoughts. Its a horrible thing to have happened..let alone so close to the holidays, as well.

  2. My thoughts are with the childs family, and the bus driver. Unfortunley accidents happen and hope answers are found by the investigation to avoid further ones.

  3. Disney is getting careless, period. We were in the park on March 23rd when the two latest busses collided. Just an hour before we took a bus from Saratoga Springs to Hollywood Studios. Our driver ran a red light and laughed about it! He said…oops, time to take the bus in the shop and have the brakes looked at. Then on our last night we took the busride from hell. It was like the Jeep safari at Animal Kingdom, we bounced every which way. Thankfully we were seated but the poor people that were standing. Not acceptable at all.

    1. I do beleive that it was asked to put aside this type of griping and simply feel for the family for a moment. And if you would take the time to read the numerous articles about this you’ll see that current reports state this as the boy’s fault with the driver having no control over the situation.

  4. Sorry, I can no longer “feel sorry” for the parents. Their child was hardly cold before they were running to every network for an interview. He wasnt even in the ground and they start screaming it was “Disney’s Fault” and that they are going to sue. Now it’s all about making millions off of their dead child.
    I hope Disney turns around and sues for defamation of character. 30+ witnesses SAW the kid run into the bus. The only witness that said otherwise was his friend who was riding IN FRONT of him and couldn’t have possibly seen what happened.

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