The Disney Dudes Podcast (iTunes) #4-Wayne continues to report on his Christmas time solo trip. And I gotta say, “People, stop being so rude to Wayne!” He encounters a lady who runs him over, lies to him, but he still gets his Soarin’ Fast Pass before her. Another strange twist to his trip involves being bushwhacked on a water taxi. But it wasn’t all bad; he praises the ease of traveling around property by car. And Yee Haa Bob provided hilarity. Plus, he was able to enjoy the many decorated camp sites at Fort Wilderness. Downtown Disney at Christmas time though. . . well you know. His opinion on the changes to Space Mountain rounds out another lively dude discussion.

All About the Mouse (iTunes) Episode #150 A Guide to Disney Artwork-OK kiddies grab your books, because it’s time to be schooled on Disney animation artwork. The syllabus includes: definition of terms-production drawing, production cell, three way set up, serigraph, sericel, lithograph, in betweeners. Discussion essay-what things decrease the value of cells, what to look for to be sure of authenticity and an inexpensive way to start collection.

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Episode #206 Where to be inspired at Walt Disney World-What inspires you? Even without Rikki they present heart tugging areas of the parks. Political arenas, images of Walt, even dealing with Space exploration all are discussed in detail. The people, the scenery, the attractions that inspire us. . . to go deeper into the jungle.

The Mouse Droppings (iTunes) Episode #23 Do I Smell Bacon? Another Innoventions attraction visited this episode. This time it’s the Piggy Bank Adventure. “He’s so cute, I want to keep him.” Of course this refers to the piggy bank used as you wind your way to the goal and the ‘Ultimate Vacation.’ And Matt concludes with some initial screen tips for Toy Story Mania.

Coaster Buzz (iTunes) Episode#171 March 1, 2010-The Disney topic discussed is the return of Captain EO and their lackluster enthusiasm. Of course it doesn’t help that the effects are missing. The Sea World tragedy is also referenced, downplaying the recent animal rights outcries.


Shawn is an avid lover of the Disney parks, with his first visit in 1997 to WDW. He is a family man with 3 teenage children, most of whom enjoy being able to travel to WDW, but are puzzled by their fathers addiction. As a truck driver, he may not seem to be the best authority in the community, but his work affords him opportunity to listen to many Disney podcasts. His desire is not to critique the various podcasts, but to highlight the content of each. You may be reminded of something funny you also heard, or be motivated to download for specific content. So the next time you’re in Massachusetts next to a big rig, and you see the driver with a big grin on his face, it’s probably Shawn listening to the latest Disney news or recording. (You can be sure it’s him by the Mickey Heads on the antennas)