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Mickey Heads – Podcast Review by Shawn Rees

Editor: Introducing a new columnist. Shawn Rees is a trucker by day bringing you the product that drives our economy and a Disney fan in his heart. This gives him a lot of time to listen to Disney podcasts and makes him the perfect someone to highlight some of the best episodes that you may want to check out. I’m glad to have him.

Betamouse (iTunes) episode# 4 Camera Gear and Photo Tips at the Disney Parks-Our panel consists of simple iphone camera users to the multiple camera carriers working on a 12 year documentation of park architecture (any doubt that the description geek is warranted?). Tips include: photographing family, self and attractions. They share their photo traditions along with favorite photo spots. The talk then turns to instant photo sharing and creating instant blogs. And this podcast would not be complete without a geek out moment, and the flying orb personal recording device that follows you around the parks fits that nicely.

Teenage Disney Geek (iTunes) Episode # 65- EPCOT Morning Adventures with a Demonic Squirrel. Sounds of the park, the background music, the family interaction all make this a funny listen. In line at Soarin’ they enjoy the queue arm flapping workout. At Nemo they have a dolphin sighting. And between attractions, a rabid squirrel entertains as he tries to break and enter a poor childs backpack?! Just an everyday occurrence for a Teenage Disney Geek!

Mouse Travel Tips Podcast (iTunes) Episode #3 Peak Season, Disney Hollywood Studios, Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, and Villain and Vogue. The high points and low points of traveling to the parks during peak season are highlighted. If you do decide to travel then, they provide four important travel tips to get the most out of your touring. A Hollywood studios primer with the highlight of the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster fills out this episode. And finally get your dark side groove on at the Villain and Vogue shop.

WedWay Radio (iTunes) Episode #36 The Disneyland Hotel-Why wasn’t this hotel built by Walt? What made it ‘the most exciting hotel in the world?’ It is so intriguing to hear details of the history of this Disneyland icon. To hear of the celebrities that stayed there, and what the hotel became in its heyday, this truly was not just a place to stay when visiting Disneyland. The history of this building is brought up to the present Disney owned days, sharing with us the many renovations that have taken place here.

Disunplugged (iTunes) Discussion Show for February 24, 2010. Following a fair discussion of the Shamu tragedy at Sea World, the team shares with us the injury report for the area theme parks. Teresa argues the semantics of the rules for the $2500 vacation challenge, indicating the reality is setting in of how difficult it is to plan a trip on a budget finding the best deals. And finally, what we all listen for-Pete’s rants! He reviews the Sharks Underwater Grill at Sea World. “If there are fish swimming in front of you, you should have fresh fish on your plate!” How bad was this restaurant? I don’t want to ruin it for you, you have to listen and find out!

Coaster Radio (iTunes) Episode #425 Listener Questions. Personal questions and concern for their ‘burning out’ are first expressed. Lot of questions about Cedar Point and Holiday World are asked as well. Hagrid from Harry Potter is interviewed about his opinion on the new land at Island of Adventure. Disney questions are asked such as: Least favorite attraction, and what rides from Six Flags would you introduce to the Disney Parks. That one sparks a lot of witty banter. Of course the problem is theming: the lack of at Six Flags and the necessity of in the Disney realm.