Tiger Woods pic still hangs in ESPN WWOS

Tiger Woods pic still hangs in ESPN WWOS

Even Gatorade has dropped Tiger Woods, but his pic still hangs at ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in first floor of the Milk House. Woods is also featured in the American Experience film. I don’t expect them to edit films for a what is probably a temporary setback for Woods. But removing a picture or banners with his image that hold him up as a role model, that doesn’t seem too much to ask.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Tiger Woods pic still hangs in ESPN WWOS”

  1. Arnold Palmer? I think it does say more about how we elevate athletes to role models over teachers or police officers, people who have a much greater ability to make an impact on a child’s life.

  2. Disagree. He should be recognized in a location like this for his Athleticism alone, not his personal life. The cross between personal life of athletes and others in the spotlight may have it’s place in the media and may be something people talk about. But if you look at all the top athletes of the past, name one that was clean as a whistle and didn’t do something stupid in their lives. None the less, if you are to recognize someone for their talent, that talent alone should speak for itself.

    Now if he was on Steroids or some performance enhancement which altered his athleticism, then that’s another story.

  3. I agree with J. Not just atheletes, but even many of the greatest artists and musicians in history led very scandalous personal lives, but we nonetheless acknowledge their talents and contributions. Tiger Woods’ acts does not change what he has done for the field of golf, so he should continue to be honored in a hall of sports IMO. Now if a significant number of people become offended by seeing his portrait there, that could be a different story.

  4. People who play sports for money shouldn’t be role models for anything other than playing their sport. They’re just people, with all the same problems everyone else has. It’s stupid to hype them, and it’s stupid to be upset when they turn out to have flaws. Get over it.

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