Disney Payments to Idol Stars revealed in court docs

With a new season of American Idol underway it’s fun to note that one of the final 24 actually was a ‘Dream ticket’  winner at American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In fact, Aaron Kelly won his ticket to the front of the audition line right during the first few days of the attraction.

If you remember, the American Idol Experience was launched with a huge Hollywood style premier, including appearances from all the past Idol winners and many other famous faces. The New York Times examines some court documents that reveal exactly how much Disney paid to have those performers at the premier and to film promotional spots.

An Idol winner’s riches extend beyond the recording contract. Last year the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida opened “The American Idol Experience,” an interactive attraction.

To promote it, Disney paid Mr. Allen $100,000 to turn to a camera and shout, “I’m going to Disney World” after winning the competition and to visit the park, according to the contracts. He stood to earn another $100,000 for spending a day filming scripted dialogue segments for use in the attraction and for taping a vocal performance for the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade television show.

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