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Rare video of Disney Magic and Disney Wonder in port together

On February 14th bad weather kept the Disney Magic at Castaway cay. That resulted in a rare moment when both ships of the Disney Cruise Line were in port at the same time. A couple of videos are below.

Kinda like when the Train passes the Mark Twain at Disneyland, eh? A video taken from the shore is below the jump:

4 thoughts on “Rare video of Disney Magic and Disney Wonder in port together”

  1. That just brought back some memories…I was working at WDW on the College Program when the Disney Wonder came into port for the first time, with the Magic there to greet us. They bussed a whole slew of Cast Members out to Port Canaveral, handed us big cardboard Mickey hands on sticks, and had us wave as the Wonder sailed in. Both ships sounded their horns, and launched some low level fireworks. That was one awesome morning (and I still get goosebumps and grin when thinking about it).

  2. It was very cool. I was on the Magic with my family and have a video of the whole thing as well. After what was unfortunately an aggravating 2 days trying to get on board the Magic this was a GREAT treat that really relieved the stress and got us in the mood for vacation again. Bummer we missed St Marteen but still a fun week.

  3. And if we don’t get video again this year, this could be the last video of the those two in port together for a while. The Wonder moves to the west coast next year, right?

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