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The Morning Report

It’s an honor and a privilege, a duty I perform
With due sense of decorum and with pride
With deference and great respect very much the norm
Plus a hint of sycophancy on the side
To lay before my ruler all the facts about his realm
To fill him in on all the beastly news
– Zazu, The Lion King

Alain Littaye discovers the origin of Ray Bradbury’s quote about Walt Disney’s Imagineers – “You Are… Renaissance People.

Barbara Walters to end her Oscars Special. This time there will be happy tears.

Walt Disney World was cleared by OSHA in the Indiana Jones Stuntman’s death
. The tragedy occurred during tumbling rehearsals for the show.

Bids for Disney’s boutique studio Miramax are due tomorrow
. You might need a spare $100 to be competitive.

A fast by protesting Disney hotel workers union members has ended. I’m wondering what they have in store next?

Cars 2 gets its engined tuned
. This is a natural process of animation, so I’m not worried, yet.

Waldameer amusement park in Pennsylvania is going cashless. Is this a vision of things to come to Walt Disney World when the next-gen project is revealed?

Okay, that’s it for this morning. I tweaked the format a little bit. Let me know what you think.