Football World Cup to get extra coverage from ESPN & ABC

I don’t know if you’re a football soccer fan, but you may have heard of the World Cup. In 2010 it ends in South Africa with the winning country able to claim king of the world status for the next four years. Sometimes I feel like the United States is the only country that has no idea of the importance of this sport around the world.

Things have been changing during the last few World Cups with it gathering more attention in the United States with each win of the national team. ESPN and ABC saw this and bid on the broadcast rights for the games in the hopes that the trend continues.

“At some point you’ve got to treat it like the significant sporting event that is,” said John Skipper, ESPN’s executive vice president of content. “I understand it has not traditionally stopped work and stopped the country to watch it in past years. But we’re going to treat it like it should.”

I hope it works out for Disney’s sports channels, but I don’t ever foresee the whole country shutting down for the World Cup the way some other countries do. Still, I’ll be watching, at least when the US is on and I’m at home.

(Via the AP)