The Princess and The Frog passes $100 million

Okay, technically it’s still only at $99,248,026.00, but it’s going to get there real soon, especially if you go out and see it this week. Yes, you there who still haven’t seen the latest from Walt Disney Feature Animation. What are you waiting for?

Actually, I don’t blame you. It was generally an off year for kids films. The Princess and The Frog was the number one rated G film in 2009. More than anything I think this means that the viewing public has just moved on from the typical brand of Disney animation. Disney will have to work to find the new balancing point for their films if they want the box office numbers to return.

5 thoughts on “The Princess and The Frog passes $100 million”

  1. “I think this means that the viewing public has just moved on from the typical brand of Disney animation.”?!?! Oh no! Don’t say that. I truly don’t believe that’s the case…I certainly hope it isn’t. I think The Frog just had some unforseen major competition from Avatar and Alvin, all which were released within a few weekends of each other. I think a Feb – April release date would have done the film a much better service.

    Still, as Entertainment Weekly pointed out…the introduction of Princess Tiana will rake in millions of dollars for years to come from merchandising alone.

    I hope Disney doesn’t give up on hand-drawn animation…again!

  2. My family and I are Disney nuts. I have two small daughters aged 8 and 4. This movie was way to dark and scary for them. We decided to pass on this one. We did not feel that it was the correct choice to relaunch terrific hand drawn animation with such a non family freindly movie (main themes of black magic, voodoo, and so forth.)

  3. Maybe half of the audience (boys) is simply not interested in a “princess” movie.
    Yeah, I know Disney “fans” know it’s more than a princess movie, but the general audience does not.

  4. no, we just wanted something better, princess and the frog kind of sucked, the music wasnt powerful, it was in fact very forgettable, everytime the villain came on screen I was bored out of my mind, no, people havent moved on from the typical brand of disney film, just the disney films that kind of suck, I’ll admit princess and the frog was better then their last releases (home on the range, stitch) but the film just wasn’t up to par with the disney classics… it was visually beautiful but honestly the magic just wasnt there for me

  5. I believe it was the “Inside the Magic” podcast that mentioned a marketing flaw in Disney’s, approach- that of releasing “A Christmas Carol” just a month and a few days before “The Princess and the Frog” and I agree. I think the reason “A Christmas Carol” was released Nov 6(?) is because they wanted to get it on 3D screens before “Avatar.” That being said, there was a lot of money poured into advertising “Christmas Carol” such as the nationwide bus tour, etc. Suddenly, it’s time for the Disney studios to release “The Princess and the Frog,” only a few days before “Avatar.” It’s really not that big of a surprise that it was overlooked. On this front, I agree with Ed South that a Spring release may have been better (especially with Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” being released in June).

    That being said, I will also admit that I didn’t feel this film was on par with “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Lion King,” more along the lines of “Hercules” and “Mulan” in that it is a really good film, but probably appeals more strongly to a smaller audience. Personally, I loved the film, especially the Dr. Facillier/Shadowman and I really hope that they make a Tiana restaurant in Disneyland’s New Orleans square.

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