Las Vegas Monorail Woes

The Las Vegas monorail, which at one time used old Walt Disney World trains, has run into some financial troubles. That’s to be expected with the slowdown of tourism in the town. The bankruptcy will put a stop to the planned expansion of the line to the airport and other resorts.

The Las Vegas monorail is the only privately owned monorail system in the United States, other than Disney’s two of course. They do make enough money to operate the monorails in the black, but the debt load from construction is killing them. Of course, it costs $5 to ride one way. Makes you wonder what it costs Disney to run theirs.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Monorail Woes”

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  2. On that line of thinking, what would Disney be like today if they stayed with the specific tickets for specific rides? What if it was free admission to the park, but you had to pay for every attraction you wanted to ride? Would anyone wait for two hours in the July heat to hand someone $5 to ride big Thunder Mountain? Just a thought, but try a hypothetical article on that line of thinking.

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