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Magic Kingdom Construction Update

Wife took the kiddo to the Magic Kingdom for a haircut with Michal today and, of course, they snuck in a few attractions. While strolling around she snapped a few pics of some construction at the park.

The Crystal Palace is undergoing a major refurbishment. From the skylights to the sidewalk everything is getting a fresh coat of paint, at the very least. The facade was definitely showing some wear. So this is a good sign.

The castle moat and surrounding water ways have also been drained. Of note, the surveyors tool in the middle of the drained moat. I imagine they’re checking to make sure that everything is still level. I wonder if the Castle is sinking, not to start a rumor or anything.

There does appear to be some work around the drawbridge area of the castle. It’s behind those curtains, covered up so we can’t see what’s going on.

I’m just saying.

Note: there is no truth to this rumor. All the maintenance is standard and scheduled as far as I know.

5 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Construction Update”

  1. I’m betting they want to get as much infrastructure work as possible out of the way, and work on things outside of Fantasyland, before they start The Big New Fantasyland project fo’real.

    I bet crowds will be lighter during construction because many people will want to wait til it’s finished before coming there for vacation. Hm, maybe we can get a good deal and have our honeymoon this year after all!

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