Great Movie Ride Dinner

If you have enough money or are lucky enough to belong to a company with good taste, you can dine at one of the special ‘backstage’ areas Disney makes available for corporate events. Dinners between the dinosaurs at Universe of Energy or in the Haunted Mansion are two of the favorites (depending on which coast you’re on).

Another popular corporate party location is the Great Movie Ride at MGM Disney Hollywood Studios. This last week Tables in Wonderland held a dining event there, it quickly sold out. So hopefully they’ll do it again next year.

The DisneyFood Blog has some photos from a party, not the Tables in Wonderland, held in the Great Movie Ride. I imagine it was pretty similar.

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  1. Michal is ACE — can’t wait till I go back to get my next hair cut. This is a case where CMs really make you fell like you are “home”. Welcome home!

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