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LOST Island should stay away fom Disneyland

I have to say I’m in agreement with David at Disney-O-Rama that the folks organizing the petition to get Disneyland to turn Tom Sawyer Island into LOST island are barking up the wrong tree.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t appreciate finding more ABC shows represented in the parks. Just keep it at California Adventure and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In fact, if they wanted to do an ABC Drama weekend the way they used to do Soap Opera weekends, I think that would be a big hit.

Why not a restaurant themed to the latest ABC shows. Decorate individual dining rooms with actual set pieces from the shows, put scripts on the walls, and costumes on the serving staff. Even some cheesy improvised comedy like they used to have at Soap Opera Bistro would be fine.

But converting a kid’s play area into a tropical island for a show that’s mainly for adults, that’s a wrong turn down the LOST highway.