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Frog Princess slips off the Royal Lillypad

I think Disney knew they faced a formidable foe this weekend with James Cameron’s Avatar. But I don’t think they realized how deep into the Disney demographic it would reach. Although Avatar was PG-13 I saw families bringing much younger children in to see the movie most are calling the ‘Star Wars’ of this generation. And I agree, Avatar is a total game changer. A ‘return’ to 2D animation just can’t hold a candle to the sort of world creation Cameron has accomplished.

That’s not to say The Princess and The Frog wasn’t a great film. It was and it still managed to pull in $12 million in second place, but that’s a pretty big drop for a movie that was supposed to make it through the Holiday as the family film. Avatar has moved into that category with $73 million. Princess Tiana’s total take is only $45 million so far.