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Roy E Disney, twice savior of his uncles company, dies

Roy Edward Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, has died at the age of 79. Known recently as the architect of two share holder revolts that saved the Walt Disney Company (one from a takeover and one from the ruin of Michael Eisner), Roy E. was original known, somewhat affectionately, as that darn nephew. Among many other projects he helped grow the “True Life Adventures” brand for the Walt Disney Studios and later worked closely with Walt Disney Feature Animation to revive the Fantasia movies with Fantasia 2000.

Rumors of his declining health had been swirling for the last few years since he stepped back from his joy – yacht racing. Only recently, since his absence at the dedication of the Walt Disney Family Museum, have the rumors grown more serious. According to the LA Times obituary, he died this morning of Cancer.

Uncle Roy, we owe you our thanks and you’ll be intensely missed by the Disney fan community.