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WDW Celebrates the Season of Sharing

With the spirit of the holidays upon Central Florida, Walt Disney World Resort is sharing how it works with numerous local charitable organizations all year long to spread its magic throughout the community. This is one of the great benefits of being a member of the WDW Community, the feeling you get when you go out and help someone else as part of the Disney family.

Even if you’re not part of the Disney family, beginning January 1st you’ll be able to register at the Disney Parks website for your own volunteer experience and Disney will reward you with a free admission to one of their theme parks. Heck, why wait. Search the HandsOn Network today and see what’s available in your area. That’s the same group Disney is working with for their promotion.

For the next few weeks, Walt Disney World Resort will highlight some of its community outreach efforts through the “Season of Sharing” in part to raise awareness of charitable causes that aim to build better futures for Central Florida’s families and children. The uncertain economic times have left many non-profit organizations with increased needs and a record demand for their services, which is being felt well beyond the holidays.

“Walt Disney World Resort works closely with more than 100 local non-profits to make dreams come true in Central Florida,” says Eugene Campbell, vice president of Community Relations and Minority Business Development for Walt Disney World Resort. “This holiday season, we wish to celebrate and shine some light on the ongoing efforts of our community partners and hope others are inspired to join us in helping them achieve their goals.”

“Season of Sharing” stories and images will be posted frequently on their Community Relations site with links back to featured charities so readers can directly connect to learn more.

Here are a few of the ones posted already:

* Disney’s $30,000 donation benefiting Health Care Center for the Homeless and Second Harvest of Central Florida
* Disney Costuming setting a new record in Teddy Bear donations for the Salvation Army
* Disney’s support of a holiday classic involving 200 local kids
* Walt Disney World Resort president Meg Crofton and her team spreading holiday cheer at Sunnyside Village

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