Donny Osmond helps Dancing With the Stars numbers

Putting a coda on both the show’s ratings and his career, Donny Osmond took the spotlight one more time helping to lift the Dancing With The Stars finale ratings and making it the most watched Network TV show of Thanksgiving week. The man with the purple socks strikes again.

However, the bad news is the actual results show drew fewer eyeballs than expected. Could this be because the actual results part took about 10 minutes and the rest was filled with the washed up refuse of the entertainment world.

I’d like to thank The Disney Chick and The Missy for providing such excellent coverage of this season. I hope they’ll both be back for more next year.

1 thought on “Donny Osmond helps Dancing With the Stars numbers”

  1. Let’s hope next season they get a higher caliber of stars, and not the usual mix of a few B-names and a bunch of flotsam.

    Our house is still voting for Kate Gosselin. That would be hilarious.

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