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‘V’ Premier Tuesday at 8pm on ABC

ABC’s next hit TV show ‘V’ premiers on Tuesday night at the early time of 8pm, so set your DVRs appropriate and check your local listings. For some reason they’ve decided to smash Dancing With the Stars in between ‘V’ and The Forgotten (which I am now watching regularly). Actually, I’m a bit confused why they aren’t pairing ‘V’ with FlashForward and just totally owning Thursday nights.

Early reviews for ‘V’ have been mostly good. Here are a few samples:

The surprisingly timely “V” plays off concerns about universal health care, terrorism, sleeper cells and journalists’ access to leaders. But the series is, above all, a first-rate thriller filled with twists, shocks and heroic figures.

Hal Boedeker, Orlando Sentinel

Judging by the first episode, “V” seems like a solid adaptation. But it doesn’t have the mysterious spark it needs to make it compulsory viewing, the way “Lost” lured us in. The problem with a remake is that we already know what lurks beneath the aliens’ faux flesh.

Paige Wiser, Chicago Sun Times

In exchange for their malevolence, they promise to provide a world of fast-paced, eye-catching action and provocative drama. Bold and still surprising, ABC’s new “V” is clever enough for a cult following and accessible enough to reach a broad demo.

Barry Garron, Hollywood Reporter

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