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Disney shrinking Miramax even further, dismisses President

Disney’s ‘art house’ studio Miramax will be a small shell of it’s former self by January. Its president will be gone and just 20 employees will be left to shepherd any future projects. They’ll also move the studio from New York to Los Angeles.

Much of this reduction began even while the studio’s founders, the Weinstein brothers, were in charge. After their ouster, the studio continued to struggle to produce hits. And now, with Dick Cook gone, the comes another hit. Some of this has to be chalked up to the much more complex market for art house films than when Miramax was at it’s peak.

While I may not have loved all of the films that Miramax produced for Disney, I liked enough of them to see the value for Disney Studios. I hope they’re able to find a niche for these sort of specialty films in the Disney stable.

Via the NY Times.

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