New Monorail will be built from Two Monorails Involved in Accident

As many predicted after the Walt Disney World Monorail accident that resulted in the death of one cast member, the two trains will be salvaged to make one new train with the color teal. Both Pink and Purple will be retired out of respect for the cast members and the families who were involved in the accident.

I believe there is precedence for this. An earlier version of the Monorail had some safety problems. After a train unit caught fire, it was combined with the rest of a unit that was damaged coming into the barn.

I also heard that Monorail Teal will be the first train to feature a new touch screen pilot control system currently being explored by Disney. Update: note that the current system is touch screen too. But it’s mostly an overlay on the old control system. They’re working on a new system for monorail control.

Will you feel uncomfortable the first time you see Monorail Teal around the resort? Is this the right move by Disney officials?

7 thoughts on “New Monorail will be built from Two Monorails Involved in Accident”

  1. “I feel more confortable on The Disney transportation system than on most public transportation.”

    Agreed – and personal transportation too, for that matter. When you consider the MILLIONS of people that use this system every year, and that there’s only one fatality every few years or even decades, I feel very safe indeed.

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  3. To those of you who “feel more comfortable on The Disney transportation system than on most public transportation”, you should be aware that Disney transportation in Florida is not held to the same safety standards as other public transportation.


    “[by law] a taxi, a city bus, or an airport transit must behave as a very careful person would do not just as a reasonable person would do…In Florida, however, because the theme parks operate their buses, rides and trains in a closed system they claim that they are not held to the legal standard of a very careful person but claim a much lower standard of care… One way to look at it is like a grading system. A Greyhound bus, for instance, is held to an “A” standard in their operation…Theme parks and others operating under a closed transportation system, however, can claim they can get by with a “C”. That is if they operate only as an average driver (non-professional) driver/operator”

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