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Many more details about ‘Epic Mickey’ revealed

The GoNintendo website got their hands on an early release of Game Informer magazine and shares many new details about the much anticipated ‘Epic Mickey’ game expected to come out later this year.

– Mickey’s appearance is much, much closer to his original debut style
– Disney was the one to approach Spector
– Spector originally was against the idea of creating a Mickey game, because he said that he didn’t do kids games
– Spector changed his mind when Disney said that they were looking for someone to ‘reinvigorate’ Mickey
– Disney had to get back the rights to Oswald before he could be used in this game
– the sorcerer Yensid creates a pen-and-paper world for his forgotten creations, which is where Oswald lives
– this world is similar to Walt Disney World

Lots more over at GoNintendo.

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