Disney Gallery returns to Disneyland

The Disney Gallery has returned to Disneyland. Reopening after a forced hiatus when the store evicted from its perch above New Orleans Square, Disneyland decided to re-incarnate the store in the old Bank of Main Street location in Town Square. That makes two Disney collectible stores on Main Street USA. I wonder how long Disneyana will last become the forces of plush overwhelm it.

The official Disney Parks blog has a quick review of the location. I love how they’re using the bank vault instead of just removing it. Also check out some new Tiki Room merchandise that will be coming to the location soon from artist Kevin Kidney.

Now if I could just figure out if this is a good or bad thing for all that Disney Gallery merchandise I bought when I heard the location was going away. Kinda like that Main Street Electrical Parade lightbulb, I suspect.