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Walt Disney Family Museum opens to public

It’s been a long time dream of Diane Disney Miller, and others in the Disney family, to open a museum to honor her father Walt and now that dream is a reality. I still have a major quibble with the museum’s location, in the Presidio area of San Francisco, being of convenience to the Miller household instead of centrally located to Walt’s personal story, but the museum itself appears to be everything a Disney fan could want.

Here’s the local news coverage of the opening ceremony. Those people in the back are the members of the Disney-Miller family in attendance.

Famed Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr was also at the Grand Opening and gave his unique perspective on the events in his column on

Sadly the museum is not without controversy. It’s “No Photos” policy has raised the ire of Thomas Hawk, a noted digerati from the central California region. He points out that many museums have recognized that guest photos are essentially free advertising and have changed their policies to be more open. Hopefully this no photos policy is just for the initial few weeks and eventually you’ll be able to capture your own memories to share after the tour.

Capacity at the museum is limited, so you’ll need to visit the official website to reserve a time. If you can’t make it to the museum, be sure to become a fan on Facebook where you can keep up with the goings on. I also recommend the “Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum” facebook page.

I’d like to thank everyone who worked to make this dream of every Disney fan a reality. In particular Bruce Gordon who, when treated badly by Disney company, turned his passion to making the museum the best it could be. We tragically lost Bruce in 2007, but I’m sure he’s looking down with pride on his success. We miss you Bruce.