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How should Walt Disney World celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary?

Now that the 2010 promotion for Disneyland and Walt Disney World has been revealed with a bit of a huh? I think it’s time to look forward to 2011 and Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary.

In 2011 the Fantasyland Princess expansion will still be under construction and Star Tours II will be in a different park, so what ever Disney does at the Magic Kingdom will have to be spectacular enough to draw guests on its own.

I was at Disneyland all summer for its 40 Years Of Adventure promotion. They had opened the Indiana Jones Adventure and designed the whole concept around that theme. They had The Lion King Celebration parade (my favorite parade of all time). And the released a new Disneyland park map. That may not seem like much to you, but it was a big deal at the time as it had been years since Disneyland sold a park map. Then there was the 40 days of summer where the park gave away a trading card every day for 40 days in a row. That was absolutely crazy trying to get to the park on nights when it closed at 6pm.

Walt Disney World is at a different place in its evolution than Disneyland was at its 40th. It got a head start using lessons learned at Disneyland. WDW also has a different target market. They need to attract families who want to stay for 4-7 nights, preferably on property.

What would you like to see at the Magic Kingdom as it celebrates its 40th year? What would make you bring your family to the MK for it’s 40th Anniversary?

My wishes are for two new parades, and I mean new. Don’t recycle existing ones. Spectromagic can go visit some other Disney park, the Magic Kingdom should get a new parade that uses modern technology to really wow. Leave out the show stops though, can you say Light Magic? I think the Day parade should be a highlights parade bringing back some of the more memorable moments from Florida and the park’s past.

I would also like to see Disney reach out to the Florida community in a way that lets everyone know we’re in this boat together. Other than that it needs a snappy name and a catchy tune that we all leave the park humming.

Put on your thinking cap and post your ideas below.