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Come see Buzz and Buzz at the Magic Kingdom on Friday

There have now been two spacemen named Buzz in space. Buzz Lightyear returned from one year on the International Space Station in September. Buzz Aldrin, of course, famously walked on the moon (and provided the inspiration for the toy’s name). If you’re at the Magic Kingdom this Friday you’ll have a chance to see them both together. I wonder if the universe will explode.

The Magic Kingdom is having a special Pre-Parade at 2:45 PM on Friday, Oct 2 to welcome back Buzz Lightyear from his long stay in space. Also appearing in the parade is Buzz Aldrin and astronaut E. Michael Fincke. Buzz Aldrin will also be signing autographs for his two books in Exposition Hall, 4pm – 5pm on Friday.

(Thanks Jacquie!)

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