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So you want to be Mickey Mouse, eh?

Those of you who have ever considered being a costumed theme park character might want to read this story at the Orlando Sentinel first. You’ll probably have second thoughts.

Costumed characters were back in the public eye after prosecutors recently found a Pennsylvania man guilty of groping a Disney employee portraying Minnie Mouse at the Magic Kingdom. He told investigators that he was just having fun and meant no harm.

This was the second time the same employee had been molested by a guest. In 2002, she was playing Mickey Mouse when, authorities say, a mentally ill man who was obsessed with Disney characters put his arm around her and made sexually suggestive movements. The man was found incompetent to stand trial and the charges — battery and lewdness — were eventually dismissed.

And that story doesn’t even get into the low pay and extreme conditions you’ll have to endure while covered in fur.

If that still hasn’t scared you off, check out for your chance to become a walk-around character. Tokyo Disney is hiring. I hear that’s an amazing experience.