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Patrick Swayze – RIP

Very said to hear that Patrick Swayze has died. He was 57 years old.

Although he was not involved in a lot of Disney projects, Swayze got his start at Disney and and did find a few wonderful movies to participate in. He began his career as a dancer for “Disney On Parade” a touring ice show. In addition to playing Prince Charming in Disney On Parade, Swayze provided the voice of Cash in The Fox and the Hound II and played Pecos Bill in Disney’s Tall Tale movie.

Our thoughts are with Patrick Swayze’s friends and family. Another talent snuffed out too soon in this summer of Celebrity deaths.

1 thought on “Patrick Swayze – RIP”

  1. I’m in shock right now. I wasn’t home to catch any news and I had to find out this way. Tears strewn down my face, and I’m sick to my stomache thinking about it. I feel like, now, I’ve lost two brothers. Patrick and Michael. You both danced your way to heaven. Keep on dancing. Love to your wife Lisa and to your family. What a fight. You made me think that there’s hope for anything. You were an inspiration to me. Thank you for your talent and what you brought to all of us. You are sorely missed. I just can’t believe it. I knew it was going to happen, but, I really thought that maybe he could beat the odds. Darn!!!! God, I don’t understand you sometiems. WHY????

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