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Cast Member dies after Indiana Jones Stunt Show Rehearsal Accident

Sad news tonight from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A stunt performer at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular died during an evening rehearsal for the show. The Orlando Sentinel reports that he died after doing a tumbling roll. Sad proof that even what may seem like the simplest stunts can be dangerous. Performances of the show have been canceled for at least Tuesday.

The entirety of Walt Disney World’s talented cast must be rolling after three cast member deaths in such quick succession. After the monorail death, there was  the very sad death of a performer at the Magic Kingdom’s Jack Sparrow Tutorial. I’m sure everyone is ready for this trend to end.

The condolences of all the staff of the Disney blog goes out to the performers family, friends, and the entire cast of Disney’s Hollywood Studios for this sad loss.

6 thoughts on “Cast Member dies after Indiana Jones Stunt Show Rehearsal Accident”

  1. Why should Disney entertain people at others’ lives expense? They need to get their acts straight and take more pride for their workers. They unknowingly put their lives on the line repeatedly every day. We suppose that since Disney is a kids world that it is therefore extremely safe for everyone. However I am seeing a pattern of deaths in accidents that could otherwise be prevented. SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS, WAY OVER ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE!!!! PLEASE. Take care of our talented entertainers.

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