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New Disney World AP Promotion Adds 3 Months to Annual Pass

The Orlando Sentinel has confirmed the rumor going around that Walt Disney World would give renewing annual passholders an extra 3 months to their year. Details are a bit unclear, it looks like Disney is notifying eligible APs via email or mail.

In theory this will get more APs to cough up the money to renew. Disney must have been seeing fewer people renewing this year, not good when the resort was hoping to get a lot of ‘drive-in’ traffic to make up for the reduced flight availability to Orlando.

Still, it’s a pretty nice deal that I hope I can take advantage of since my pass renews in November.

3 thoughts on “New Disney World AP Promotion Adds 3 Months to Annual Pass”

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  2. I would love to be able to buy this pass, but with the restrictions they have put on it, I can’t. I could buy it before the cut-off date of December 31st, but would not be able to activate it by January 15th. I wish that they would allow a “special certificate” to be purchased and the 15 months be allowed from when you were able to go and have it activated. I have been an annual passholder in the past and have made many, many trips to Disney World, but over the past several years, I have felt that they don’t care as much about their most devoted guests and are only out to make a quick buck!!

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