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Movies from Disney coming to your SD card

Disney Japan and Panasonic have recently agreed to a contract for Disney feature film releases to be put on micro SD cards. Panasonic-manufactured memory cards will be released alongside new DVD releases. Users will be able to incorporate the SD cards into cell phones, car navigation systems, video cameras, and flat screen TVs; of course, Panasonic has already installed card slots in their newest devices.

Expect to pay around $50 per title (or $11 more with purchase of the DVD) in order to enable playback through the micro SD card, which boasts quality comparable to those found on iTunes downloads and DVDs. Most of the titles will not be announced until we near the release date in November, but I’m betting Pirates of the Caribbean will have a good chance of landing on someone’s phone (photo), just in time for the holiday season.

Do you think this is a benefit worth paying more for?