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Disney Bus Crash near Magic Kingdom sends 12 to hospital

When it rains it pours. Although it wasn’t raining today at 2:40pm, two Disney busses collided on the roads outside the Magic Kingdom resulting in many minor injuries and 12 guests being sent to the hospital. All injuries are described as minor.

This comes 11 days after the Monorail Accident that resulted in the death of one cast member

(via the Orlando Sentinel)

5 thoughts on “Disney Bus Crash near Magic Kingdom sends 12 to hospital”

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  3. I just came back from a week at Disney 6 days ago. And this does not suprise me. On many occasions, I waited for the next bus to arrive so I could feel a bit safer on the ride. I had a 7 year old with me and of course he thought it was cool to stand on the bus. But on 1 particular evening, we got on the bus at Downtown Disney and headed back to our hotel, All Star Music. The ride was nerve racking at best. We were the last 2 let on and barely behind the yellow line. The bus driver had a very heavy brake foot and slammed on the brakes frequently, sending most of us bracing our children and ourselves. I complained at the hotel, more of a heads up about the dangerous driving of this particular driver, but I don’t know what they will do with the information.

    I was not impressed by the drivers most times we were on the bus. My suggestion to Disney is to have a “secret shopper” type method of checking up on the drivers. Someone, posing as a guest, there to evaluate the way the bus is handled. It was almost enough to make me want to rent a car next time! I hope they get this under control.

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