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Video of President Barack Obama recording his Hall of Presidents Speech

Via the blog we get this video of President Barack Obama as he records his speech for the Hall of Presidents attraction that officially reopens on the 4th of July.

I’m guessing President Obama has never been to Walt Disney World since he asks if these are wax figures. I hope he gets a chance to come down to Orlando with his family and see the attraction for himself. It’s pretty powerful, as I said in my review.

I’ll be at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow for a naturalization ceremony for 1000 new American Citizens who will all get a chance to see the new Hall of Presidents attraction. A perfect way to kick off their new lives as citizens of the United States of America.

9 thoughts on “Video of President Barack Obama recording his Hall of Presidents Speech”

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  3. When I watch this, I only get music, not actual audio. Has the real audio been removed for any reason? It is the same when I try to view it directly from YouTube.

  4. He has been to Disney World- in fact, he got some special Mouse Ears there! (See the inaugural (no pun intended) D23 issue for said picture.)

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