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Garden Grove’s International West finally gets first site

International West, a planned series of tourist districts in Garden Grove, has finally had its first tenant approved. A new 600 room hotel and 6 acre water park has just been approved by the city council. Of course, with this economy, don’t believe anything until the first guest splashes down the water slide. But it’s a start.

Since Garden Grove abuts Anaheim, International West has the potential to add a night or two to the average Disneyland stay. It still needs some sort of mass transit system besides bussing people up and down Harbor Blvd, but if they can figure that out, it has potential. Disneyland might even want to look at one of those zones for that long rumored third park (the Strawberry field is just too small).

Three years is a long time to wait for International West to finally begin to pay off, but Gardenwalk took even longer and hey, it’s open, even if some tenants are struggling.

2 thoughts on “Garden Grove’s International West finally gets first site”

  1. I love your blog. But I have to dispute the notion that there is a “long rumored third park.” I don’t think that among reasonable people this is not real discussion. At least not for at a decade or more.

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