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The Life of Bob

When you’re the head of the world’s largest entertainment company you definitely have a lot of power and influence. But Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has set himself apart from everyday expectations.

In a recent article with the NY Times, Iger imparts some career advice and general nuggets of wisdom that give some insight into what makes the man tick. For instance, here’s how Iger schedules his day:

Well, I get up very early and I get to work early. I get up at 4:30 every morning. I like the quiet time. It’s a time I can recharge my batteries a bit. I exercise and I clear my head and I catch up on the world. I read papers. I look at e-mail. I surf the Web. I watch a little TV, all at the same time. I call it my quiet time but I’m already multitasking. I love listening to music, so I’ll do that in the morning, too, when I’m exercising and watching the news.

I also have to be focused throughout the day. The comedian Dennis Miller once talked about men using remote-controlled devices, and he called them ferrets on double espressos. I try not to be a ferret on a double espresso. You need to look someone in the eye and listen to what they’re talking about and focus on the subject at hand. I admit that I fray a little bit around the edges. It’s just a balance.

Surf the web? See, he’s just like us. Recommended reading for any Disney fan who wants to know what direction the company will be taking in the future.

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