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Shameless Plug: My Thoughts on Disney at a Film Festival has posted two reports from the Newport Beach Film Festival, and one of them is my column.  Two screenings were of special interest to Disney fans.  “the boys” (lack of capitalization intended) is a new documentary about the Sherman Brothers.  It is fascinating and very informative.  The Shermans were a songwriting team that Walt Disney himself literally brought on-staff to write music for Disney projects – both on big screen and in theme parks.  Enchanted Tiki Room?  Yup.  “it’s a small world”?  Them.  “Mary Poppins” and Winnie the Pooh projects… But their work hasn’t been limited to Disney.  They have worked on other live-action and animated projects, and pop songs.  Their work is being featured in major stage musicals as I type.

But the personal interaction between the brothers is also detailed in this film, and that is a fascinating subject by itself.

The other screening was mostly Disney animated shorts that haven’t been seen on the big screen in decades – going as far back as 1929!  Click through for the details about both screenings.  Doug Marsh also has his report as well.

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