Manta Madness at SeaWorld Orlando

This year sees two major new coasters coming to Orlando. SeaWorld is first on the scene with its new Manta ‘Flying’ Roller Coaster. Guests will feel like they’re soaring over Orlando and aquatic life as they zoom around the park’s entrance area.

Thanks to @RealShamu and @Doterati I got the chance to experience the attraction three times tonight. It was a pretty intense experience, especially in the back row, so three times was just about enough. But I think I could have ridden it all night if I stayed in the middle rows (4 or 5).

Here’s a little video of the unique load and unload process that SeaWorld uses for Manta.

The Roller Coaster ‘Manta’ opens officially on May 22nd, but it’s unofficially open as of Noon on May 5th.

Click below the jump cut for some photos from the evening.

7 thoughts on “Manta Madness at SeaWorld Orlando”

  1. While I’ve ridden a lot of coasters over the years, this was actually my first flyer! I got to be on one of the first rides today and got front row. Quite an experience! The pretzel loop is definitely a hardcore element that was different than anything I’ve felt on a coaster before.

    Anyone and everyone with a pass or a chance to stop by should get on! Coaster is great, the theme-ing EXCELLENT and the aquariums are a nice touch. I must say that B&M and Busch Entertainment did a wonderful job on this one!

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