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New “The Princess adn the Frog” footage

Some extended footage from Disney’s return to hand drawn animation in “The Princess And The Frog.” The recording quality is not great, but it’s the first real look at Prince Naveen and an introduction to the major characters.

(Thanks Jason!)

7 thoughts on “New “The Princess adn the Frog” footage”

  1. Did you notice that John L. said the prince “thinks” she is a princess? Does that mean our new Disney princess really isn’t?

    1. She’s not a princess in the begining of the movie. In the end, though, yes, she’s a princess.

      Its in America, of course she’s not a Princess.. XD

    2. Well, if she marries the Prince in the end, she will in turn become a princess as well. Sort of like Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”.

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