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A small snafu over at Disneyland’s ticketbooths. Some non-SoCal annual passholders were enrolled in the monthly billing program. Instead of seeing that as an indication the promotion would be desirable to others outside the LA area, they’re canceling the subscriptions of the northerners.

Disney Theatrical is struggling to fill the weekday performances of its three Broadway productions. The NY Times examines some of the strategies Disney has been employing.

Dean has some great thoughts on using Twitter as a Disney fan. If you’re not following me on twitter, click here and sign up.

I wrote the other week about the iPhone Application (itunes) for Disneyland, but what about the rest of us Mobile users? Check out CoasterQ. Bookmark it on your mobile browser and then update wait times when you’re in the park. When it reaches a critical mass, you’ll have the same wait time information as the iPhone app.

Bre Morgan needs your help to become Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing. Voting ends today at 5pm. Help me, Help her win by doing the following:

1.visit Bre’s entry in the Radio Disney’s contest.

2. Give each of her two songs a 5 star rating

3. Vote as often as you can now through tomorrow (5 PM EST)

4. Vote also by texting NBT to Disney (347639)

6. Tell as many people as you can. Post Banners, Bulletins or whatever you can do!

Finally don’t forget about the Marvel X-Men DVD contest. There’s a new preview clip below the cut:

6 thoughts on “Big Thunder Thursday – Disney Links”

  1. John:

    I was just checking out CoasterQ and it seems that they’re listing Space Mountain with a 20 minute wait. I think it’s really more of a 7 month wait, isn’t it?!?

    Anyway…until enough people start updating it, it’s not going to be close to accurate.

    1. CoasterQ mentions in their Help Guide why the rides may display a wait time even if they are closed for refurbishment – it makes pretty good sense given that the site creates predictions off of user entered times.
      I think that CoasterQ is going to be huge – they are growing by the week in the amount of theme parks they have available. If everyone uses it and enters wait times it will be incredibly accurate. Users shouldn’t wait for it to become big before they decide to use it or it won’t ever become big. Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t be where they are at now if everyone waited for others to give it a try.
      I don’t believe that CoasterQ should be compared to the itunes app since it is different in so many respects: it is free, works on almost all phones, and is available for a LOT of theme parks.
      I wrote to the CoasterQ people and thanked them for a great application – this is very exciting – I go to Six Flags and Universal Studios just as much as Disneyland – it is nice to have a consistent source of information throughout all parks. CoasterQ will be the craigslist of the theme park world.

  2. If one is already on Facebook, what’s the big deal with joining Twitter — except it is a trendy thing to do right now? Why be on both? From that link they seem quite similar.

  3. on the cancellations, on another blog they did cancel the plans but let the Annual Passes be valid for the remainder of the year period they signed up for.

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