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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Biggest Guest Star?

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in Ty Pennington and the folks with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. For myself all the shows started to run together and it became less fun looking at others getting their lives remade when so many are having the carpet pulled out from underneath them in this economy.

But an upcoming show will feature what could be EM:HE’s biggest guest star yet. Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell will appear on the ABC prime time show to thank a disabled Gulf War veteran for his service. Powell will meet with former Army combat medic Jeff Cooper and his family as part of an episode airing on May 3rd.

Might be worth checking in on this one instead of letting them slowly expire off my DVR as I have been doing. Otherwise, I really wish they’d bring back those “How’d they do that” episode or spend more time showing the work on the house instead of the giant ads for products or vacations. What’s your RX to fix EM:HE?


2 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Biggest Guest Star?”

  1. I agree. We have the show on TV, but sort of do other things around the house while it is playing. Its gotten pretty predictable.

    Its now sort of become a contest of who is the most unfortunate on the show. It seems each week they have to out do themselves with an even more heart wrenching story.

    Then again, the show promotes volunteerism and helping those who by no act of their own find themselves in bad circumstances. It also sheds light on causes that each of us might want to get involved in.

    The houses super cool, and like you I wish they spend more time on what they are doing, sort of like Bob Villa back in the day.

  2. Having participated in a makeover (and also knowing someone else that got one), I no longer enjoy the show. I now know how much is staged, filmed over and over and over again. I now know that it is a big advertisement for a builder and doesn’t truly take into consideration what the family needs. Most families don’t need mansions, they need a practical and livable home.

    I agree, I wish they would go back to just showing a makeover and skip all the theatrics. Tell the family’s story and give them a reasonable home. Make this about the family again, and not about the brands. Locally, our TV station does their own home makeover for a family annually — remodeling, not tearing down — and they do it in a week. It was so nice to see their pleasure — without screaming and jumping up and down. This makeover was more real than the network’s makeovers.

    I guess Ty gets honored by the builders, or at least the local builder here honored him — one of the roads in their closest development to the local makeover has been named Pennington Drive.

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