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Another Dream Prize Awarded – World’s Largest Character Breakfast

I bet you didn’t know that Disney Parks has a News Bureau, but if you listen to the voice over at the end of this video you’ll hear John Graham announce himself as part of one. Curiouser and Curiouser. I wonder if that’s an indication of where Disney plans to go with online media?

But I digress. This video is really about the winners of yet one more Year Of A Million Dreams prize, this time the World’s Largest Character Breakfast and a Walt Disney World vacation. More than two dozen characters gathered together for this prize.

Disney should be doing stuff like this all the time. I hope the fact that Year Of A Million Dreams (both of them) is over won’t change them offering these sorts of magical moments.

What other sort of magical moments would you like to see Disney parks randomly award?

5 thoughts on “Another Dream Prize Awarded – World’s Largest Character Breakfast”

  1. They should let people choose from among several comparable dreams… Personally, I would love a backstage tour of the rides in a Park by someone who knows them inside out (esp. after hours) over staying in the “dream suite”…

  2. We were lucky enough to visit both FL and CA during the Year of a Million Dreams. It was so exciting to be at both parks during the giveaway year – we were always scouting out the Dream Team, hoping to get lucky. My son was chosen to be the Cruise Director for Small World in FL and got to stand in the booth and wave to all the boats below. That was pretty cool. ;) I do hope they keep up these wonderful giveaways in some form or another – it made our visit to the parks extra special, even when we didn’t win anything.

  3. wow! thats wicked. i was even crying coz i was so happy for that family! lol wish i won something like that :)

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