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3-D Rollout Slowed, But Katzenberg Says It Will Increase

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is still promoting 3-D technology for cinemas.  Installing the equipment has slowed down because of economic conditions, but he’s pushing, as reported by Associate Press writer Min Lee.

Promoting the new DreamWorks 3-D animated movie “Monsters vs. Aliens,” Katzenberg told The Associated Press in an interview that it takes about $100,000 to upgrade traditional theaters with new digital projectors and 3-D equipment.

Cinema owners need to see a return on their investment.  Some apparently see the potential.

Katzenberg said there are about 2,000 3-D capable theaters in the U.S. and another 1,500 outside America, with about 200 in mainland China, several hundred in the United Kingdom and another 100 in France.

It also costs movie producers more.  However, if it can reduce the amount that piracy eats into box office sales, then both the producers and the cinemas benefit.

Katzenberg said the typical DreamWorks animated movie costs about $150 million to make and a 3-D movie adds another $15 million to the budget.