Dwayne Johnson profiled before Race to Witch Mountain

The New York Times profiles former wrestler “The Rock” turned movie star Dwayne Johnson. With “Race to Witch Mountain” hitting theaters this Friday, the box office results may be the final test for Johnson’s ability to draw large enough audiences to catapult him into the A-List.

Mr. Johnson said he hopes that “Race to Witch Mountain,” a project Mr. Aviv said was written entirely around him, will bridge his family and action fan bases. His character is a world-weary Las Vegas cab driver who reluctantly agrees to help the two towheads find their spaceship, which has been hidden in a top-secret mountain facility by the United States government.

The role called for hard-core car chases, a close brush with a freight train and lots of hand-to-hand combat with machine-gun-packing bad guys — with Mr. Johnson doing many of his own stunts because it is so difficult to find stuntmen of his size.

What do you think? Will you going to see RtWM because of Dwayne Johnson? Because it’s a relaunch of a series from your childhood? Other reasons? Or is this one you plan to skip?