Disney officially shopping for a west coast home for its Cruise Line

With two new mega sized cruise ships coming online (the first in 2011) and two successful west coast trips under its belt, there was little question that Disney Cruise Line would dock a permanent ship on the west coast. The only question was when and where. A story in the San Diego Union Tribune answers the when and looks hopefully at the where.

San Diego is vying with the San Pedro port in the Los Angeles area for the new Disney family-cruise business slated to begin in February 2011.

The San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. put together a proposal to attract Disney, including up to $5 million in proposed financing from the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to improve cruise-ship-terminal facilities, according to a staff report by the airport authority.

Now the question is, will the west coast get one of the new ships or one of the originals? And if so, should the Magic or Wonder go?

4 thoughts on “Disney officially shopping for a west coast home for its Cruise Line”

  1. Hey John,

    It’s going to have to be one of the older ships. When they signed the new contract with Port Canaveral last March, they guaranteed that the new ships would sail from Canaveral at least through 2014.

    I’m thinking that the Magic will go. First, it’s been out there already. Second, they’ll tout that they’re “sending the original ship to be near the original park” or something like that.

    That then leaves the question of where the Wonder will sail from starting in 2012. Thoughts?

  2. ^
    I see that as likely. I hope they’ll send the new ships to Canaveral because that’s the only way I’ll sail on them anytime soon :-)

  3. Wouldn’t the Wonder go to Europe. DCL had great success with it’s Mediterranean cruises last year. Could be another land & sea deal with Disneyland Paris no? aurevoir

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