Bad Economy Strikes Downtown Disney Orlando

I should have left my big mouth shut, no sooner than I mention that Downtown Disney Orlando had so far escaped the recession without loosing a tenant, than Virgin Megastores announces that all their locations, including the Downtown Disney one, will be closing on May 31st.

That’s not to say that this was a surprise. Rumors that the store would close at the end of its lease had been going around. Word is Disney has been scoping out the location for conversion into a full fledged ESPNZone, as opposed to the more generic ESPN Club that’s located over at The Boardwalk.

That would be a good move if you ask me. Converting a space that was mostly dead the last few years into something that’s alive and sees frequent use. The only problem in that scenario is Disney’s existing plans to do more with the recently branded ESPN Wide World of Sports. Stay tuned.