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Princess and the Frog, new artwork

This new Princess and the Frog artwork is from the Disney Annual report. So beautiful! How can anyone not be excited about this movie after seeing this?


Can’t you already see the walk-around character holding court in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. I know just the place, Angel Courtyard.

The Princess and The Frog will grace a theater near you Christmas 2009.

Download a higher resolution version of this here. I’m going to use it for my desktop at work.

Thanks Jason!

9 thoughts on “Princess and the Frog, new artwork”

  1. In case there was ever any doubt, when it comes to traditional style animation… Disney is back (and showing us what a tragedy it was that they ever left).

  2. I am very excited to see this new princess movie with my 2 granddaughters.

    Robin Meyers
    I am New Orleans, La. resident.

  3. I am so very happy Disney is doing this! I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful movie with fresh, exciting, and lovable characters for ALL audiences. ^_^ Tiana looks like she’ll make a wonderful addition to the princess line. Thanks for doing this Disney, and best of luck! ^_~v

    1. I can not wait for this movie! it is all i can ever think about!DISNEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love to draw tiana all the time.

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