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Iger 2008 compensation package includes $13.9 million bonus

While not coming anywhere close to the obscene compensation packages that Michael Eisner earned for a few years ($204 million one year), Current Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger’s latest compensation package is raising a few eyebrows. Iger earned $30.6 in total pay, bonus, and benefits in 2008. That includes a base salary of $2 million and a bonus of $13.9 million.

To be fair The Walt Disney Company has suffered far less than other media companies so Iger should get some reward for that. And yet Iger’s base salary is 126 times the annual full time earnings of the entry pay for Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members (I’m using the figure of $7.60). When you include 60% costs for benefits, Iger’s total compensation for 2008 was over 1200 times the annual compensation for the entry level position at WDW.

(via WSJ)