i can has pixie dust!

Let’s start the new year off with a large dose of funny, shall we. I’ve got just the thing to tickle your Disney shaped funny bone and set a positive tone for 2009. The Disney Blog has partnered with the fine folks at Disney Echo to bring you icanhaspixiedust.com and the world of DisneyLOLs.

You can vote for the captioned photos you find the funniest…


some more irreverent than others…


…and you can download the original photo to make your own captions. You will have to join Disney Echo to submit your DisneyLOLs, but it’s free and one of the nicest Disney fan communities on line.

So come on down to ICanHasPixieDust.com and join the fun.

2 thoughts on “i can has pixie dust!”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words in the article, linking to us, and for partnering with us, John! Last night Gary K. Wolf (Roger Rabbit) added his own caption to the Baby Herman picture you’ve included here. Yes, he’s an EchoEar, too!

  2. Nice to see my crazy friends at the Echo getting some credit for their very funny pictures! They are really fun!

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