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The Norwegians (Pushing Daisies 2.10)

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Tonight’s episode of Pushing Daisies should have been called, “CSI: Norwegia”. Oh, Pie Lovers, I laughed till I cried. Well, maybe not cried. But I thought about crying every time I laughed because it made me sad that this amazing show is being canceled! And even worse, my tivo doesn’t show any upcoming episodes. Is it possible they won’t let us see the last 3 episodes? Say it isn’t so!!

We begin with Young Ned and his orthodontically challenged friend, Eugene playing war in the woods. They find a dead man and this begins Ned’s first experience with interviewing the dead. His timing isn’t too great because when he’s discovered near the unfortunate dead hunter, he’s accused of foul-play and sent to a Juvenile Detention-jail-place. He learns he has to take responsibility for his actions….

(OK, I know this show is completely fantasty and far-fetched. But this was just weird. Ned in jail? No trial? No parents? When does he get out? Weird.)

Now back to the future…
We begin where we ended last week–Charles Charles high-tailing it out of the Pie Hole in Ned’s car. Ned and Chuck are discussing this dumped-dad syndrome and their emotions run the gamut from sadness, fear, anger and ooey-gooey love. As they discuss their predicament with Emerson, they talk about telling Olive. She’s done so much for them and she still doesn’t know their secret. But Ned refuses.

And now our mystery…
Vivian approaches Emerson to find Dwight Dixon. He roughly (very roughly!) tells her to get over Dwight Dixon. After she leaves dragging her chin on the ground, Emerson rushes to the Pie Hole to tell Ned and Chuck. As they are discussing what to do…

Magnus Olsdatter enters. Magnus and his crackpot team of Norwegian investigators, Hedda Lillihammer and Nils Nilsen are former employees from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Police. They take Vivian’s case and accuse Emerson of knowing details of Dwight Dixon’s disappearance.

The Norwegians have their own Mobile Investigative Lab Facility (ahem…milf) which they call Mother. Here is wehere they solve crimes CSI-style, only they wear matching Norwegian flag leather jackets. (*snicker*)

But our Pie Trio has a plan…
They ask Itty Bitty (aka Olive) to call off Vivian’s search for Dwight Dixon. And while Olive attempts this, she gets so upset about not knowing all the details of the Pie Trio’s secrets, she walks out!

Soon, the Norwegians’ get a clue…
they find Lily’s note to Dwight Dixon in his hotel room. Vivian confronts Lily. She tells Vivian the truth (about the watches, not her motherhood). But even with the truth, Vivian is still hurt. She believes Lily doesn’t want her to be happy.

And across the street…Ned and Chuck are investigating Charles Charles disappearance. Chuck finds a button on the windowsill and believes it’s a secret sign from her dad. She believes he’s hiding out and keeping an eye on her. Ned is not so sure.

Emerson also discovers something little…
their itty bitty Olive joins the Norwegians to help investigate Dwight Dixon’s disappearance and the Pie Trio’s secrets. They discover a shovel under Emerson’s bed, proof that Dwight Dixon was at the Charles’ graves. So, they exhume both bodies only to discover…


And our Pie Trio’s response…
is varied. Chuck thinks her dad moved the body to save them. Emerson blames himself. But Ned has a plan!

The plan…Emerson distracts the Norwegian’s with a great “confession” while Ned hotwires the MILF. While he’s trying to figure it out, Olive shows up—not as a turncoat, but as a deep undercover Pie agent! (yay, Olive!)

Olive and Ned run the MILF off a cliff so they can destroy any evidence that might hurt the Pie Man. And as the MILF careens to the bottom, Olive and Ned hang from the overused (but so hilarious) tree branch.

And one secret is set free…while they are hanging before what could be their death, Olive says, “I’m sorry you never looked at me the way you looked at Chuck.” Ned responds with, “Why did you say ‘never’?” (Verrry In-ter-esting! Is it bad that I want to see Ned and Olive together?)

But before we can hear the rest…
they are rescued by a masked man. Not Zorro or the Lone Ranger…but probably Charles Charles. He disappears before they can find out his identity but it appears Chuck is right about her dad.

In the end…the Norwegians discover Dwight Dixon laying on his hotel bedroom dead from natural causes, as a grave robber who burnt the bodies of Charles Charles and his dear departed daughter.

And in the very end…Ned decides to quit touching dead stuff, food and people included. He wants to take responsibility for his actions.

But in the very very very end…we discover it wasn’t Chuck’s dad that moved Dwight Dixon’s body and got our Pie Friends out from under the Norwegian’s microscope, it was…NED’S DAD!


Best Lines of The Night
Emerson to Ned and Chuck, “I am done with this by proxy hand jive!”

Olive to herself, “This gives me pause.”
Vivian to Olive, “A manicure might help.”

Our Narrator, Jim Dale to us,
“Oh Hell No!”

Olive to Norwegians,
“Land of Norwegia, don’tcha know.”

In Conclusion.
(say it with me) I loved this episode! In fact, it was one of the funniest to me. Mainly becaue of the fast-paced dialogue. The first three scenes were so quick witted, I couldn’t get any of the lines down on paper. And the Norwegians? Hilarious. I mean, really, Orlando Jones from Norway? Ha!

I’m also happy to see some of our secrets come unraveled. Lily-is-Chuck’s-mom-and-she’s-alive-because-Ned-can-bring-people-back-to-life can only stay hidden for so long, everyone who is NOT in the know is sniffing around too much. IF we get to see the final episodes, I think at least Olive will find out! At least I hope so. And I can’t wait to meet Ned’s dad!!

OK, Pie fans, what did I miss this time? Were there some hidden Mickeys in Ned’s hair or something?

Hopefully, I’ll see you soon with another Pushing Daisies recap. If not, I’ll be at celebrating Christmas and anxiously awaiting LOST in January!

6 thoughts on “The Norwegians (Pushing Daisies 2.10)”

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  2. I got a laugh (one of many) at the Superman quote (not Star Wars, as I tweeted in a bit of geek absentmindedness) as Ned and Olive were getting rescued:

    Ned: “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”
    Olive: “You’ve got me? Who’s got you?!”

  3. I thought it was funny. No hidden references that I caught this time, although I’ll have to go back and search for hidden Mickey’s now. (Another excuse to watch, I guess.)

    My DVR kept cutting the sound, so I missed bits of the dialogue!

    And I seriously hope they tell Olive soon.

    Did anyone else recognized Ned’s Dad? He looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him.

  4. Ned’s dad was George Hamilton. Awesome.

    The fact that these last few episodes have been so freaking good makes it even saddder that they cancelled the show. It looks like they were laying the groundwork for some really cool stuff this season. =(

  5. In today’s USA Today midseason article it said ” …Pushing Daisies aired their last scheduled episodes this week, with the remaining few expected next summer”

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