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Disney Links – Wednesday Edition

Today has been one of those days. I’m sick and have been just hanging out in bed most of the day. But the world goes on… like that great Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa special on NBC tonight. Not quite as good as the classic TV episodes and first few movies, but on the right course to return to greatness. I think someone at Muppet Studios and Disney is finally getting a handle on the brand.

Next time you visit The Disney Store in San Francisco you may be served a steak. That’s because Morton’s is expanding into the former footprint of the Union Square location. It will be nice to see The Disney Store get back on track sometime soon.

Heading to Disneyland tomorrow? Keep an eye out for Criss Angel and Holly Madison. Angel is the magician with an edge from Vegas and he and Holly are the latest it couple. Can you believe he’s never been to Disneyland before? I hope he finds it magical.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that The Walt Disney Company is planning some layoffs in reaction to the softening economy. I can’t help but think there should be a holiday moritorium on layoffs.

Steven Paul Leiva has an excellent piece in the LA Times on how the careers of Brad Bird and John Lasseter could have been very different if an 1981 attempt to make an animated movie of “The Spirit” had been more successful.

Speaking of Pixar, WALL-E has just passed the $500 million box office mark worldwide. Sadly, Disney’s Bolt isn’t doing quite as well. But like Penny, Disney hasn’t given up on him either.

Finally, I hope you’ll check out these unique collectibles I’ve listed on eBay. Might be your chance to own a Walt Disney Imagineering jacket.

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  1. I think Bolt will see some increased numbers over the holiday break. That is when I plan to take my son to see it. December can be a crazy-busy time for families, leaving little time to head to the show.

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